Cherry Wong Photo: Blog en-us (C) Cherry Wong Photo [email protected] (Cherry Wong Photo) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:03:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:03:00 GMT Cherry Wong Photo: Blog 120 80 Motivation challenge ​Words have weight.  If negative words can bring our heart down, the motivating words will also empower us.  We all know these words, but how do you meditate on them when you are not the kind who can close your eyes and let OM brings you to the wonderland? 

I have created this puzzle for my own active meditation, I put it here now to share with you, hope you will have an energised day!

You have one life - MotivationPuzzle with motiving words created by Cherry from


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Cherry Wong Photo Exhibition at Canon Pro Solution Hub February - April 2016 Cherry Wong Portoflio - CherryCherry Wong Portoflio - CherryImage captured in Paris, France, in 2016.

Undress The City photo exhibition

Address: Canon Pro Solution Hub, 17/F, 26 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Dates: 4 February - 17 April 2016

Time: 10.30-18.30

The day has come! The best news so far in 2016 is when Canon Hong Kong called me and told me that they want to put up my photos in their gallery and I will have a solo show. WHAT? Yes, Canon Hong Kong!

The show will be showing portraits I took for myself in 2014 and 2015.  It may be a bit of surprise to everyone that I had never had portraits of myself until 2014.  I always thought, I am not ___(you fill the blank)___ enough.  I am not that self-absorbed to need pictures of myself.  I know, it's shocking how negative self-talk sounds like.  Those are words I would never tell anyone, yet I told myself.  When I decided to change the my internal discourse, I challenged myself to do things that scare me, a solo trip to Europe and taking portraits of myself.  That is the first time I realised it is not being self-absorbed to see my own beauty.  How can one who is so uncomfortable to the way she looks, see the true beauty of others?  That was how I started creating my self-portraits in 2014.  When I went back to Europe in 2015, I wanted some pictures for my portfolio, and I wanted to travel, so I created another series.  This time, I started to really love doing portraits, how fun it is to dress up and walk through these beautiful cities.

I tend to say a lot, so I will end the blog here and invite you to come to the show.  Please email me for information on the artist sharing session with Canon, I would love to see you there!


Undress the City, a photography exhibition by photographer Cherry Wong.


Undress the City contains images created in 2014 and 2015 in Paris, Rome, Florence, Milan and Montepulciano.  These works also reveal the influence of the glamorous and romantic movies of Hollywood’s Golden Age.


The images created in 2014 and 2015 serve different purposes.  The 2014 set was not intended to be shown to the public.  Those images were created for self-discovery. In 2014, Cherry realised that not only had she never taken self portraits, she had also developed a fear of photography. She was crippled by the fear of creating “bad images”. So that year Cherry decided to explore Europe with only herself and her camera, as marriage therapy between her and her once beloved. photography. Cherry, as a client, wanted some portraits of herself, and she happened to be her own photographer.

The 2015 set was created as a portfolio series for submission to fashion magazines. The original plan was to work with local models and makeup artists and create images of women moving through different cities, but with time constraints, Cherry became the most convenient model she to work with. This time, Cherry, as a photographer, wanted a new portfolio, and she happened to be her model.

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Three Tips to Rock Your Next Travel Photos


Three Tips to Rock Your Next Travel Photos (City Version)
I often wonder if it is only my family or there are more of us out there. Mom used to pack only worn out clothes for us on holiday because we can trash the clothes as we go, bringing home nothing else but souvenirs. The pictures captured the fun time we had, but I would surely not want to share them with anyone else outside my own family. It wasn't until last year, when I traveled to Europe on my own, that I discovered there ​can be so much more than ​regular​​ wanderlust selfies! So here are my 3 important steps to take your ​​travel pictures to the next level.​

1 Bring ​Your Best Clothes Forward

Think about the amount of money you are spending on your trip. Add up not only the flight, the lodging and the food, but also the days you are taking off for this trip. The amount of money you spent ​on ​ a day is most likely equivalent to a black tie event, if not more!​ Your trip deserves a black tie treatment.​ ​

So why not put on the cool shades, dresses, or pants you bought for the special occasion? Remember, your holiday is a special occasion! Sure, I also have jeans and a white T with me for every trip, but I also pack clothes that would fit going out on a date in Florence, and clothes that​ makes me feel all romantic when I walk the small streets in Paris and sip on a macchiato at Emporio Armani Caffè in Milan. ​I​nstead of being an outsider observing the habitat of a cool place​, ​l et your clothes be your ticket to melt into a culture​, joining in with the locals. I must admit the kiddish joy I had when I was mistaken as a local in Paris and Milan, even though my French is as broken as broken can be, and I don't even speak Italian. ​

2 Look for ​I​nteresting ​S​pots

It's awesome to take pictures with the landmarks, but as bored as you are when you go through your friends' landmark "I have been there" kind of pictures, you will soon be bored with yours. Look for interesting tiny streets, quiet cafes and old wooden benches with faded paint, often time, these overlooked places capture the history and culture much better than the over commercialised tourists hotspots. Better yet, you don't even have to fight for a space with other tourists to snap away.


3 Pose!

Again, you are spending so much time and money on a trip, why not do something extraordinary? Why ​standing like an embarrassed teenager ​wait ing for your senior photos? ​Pose like there is no tomorrow, remember, you don't live there, no one will recognise you, if you think someone is laughing at you, let them laugh, you will have awesome pictures of yourself on holiday where you do not care what the world thinks. It is actually overcoming that embarrassment that helps me to be more authentic. The world will judge no matter what you do, but the world would also celebrate with you when you celebrate who you are. When I was snapping away of myself dancing in front of the Colosseum in Rome and posing right next to an ancient old well in Tuscany, so many people came and chatted with me. Old couples on holiday, handsome gentleman with curiosity, and jolly locals who found it fascinating to see a woman setting up the tripod and camera and then posing as if a team of photographers are snapping away. They all came to talk to me and I made many friends along the way. I think people are captivated when we are passionate with what we do ​, and having a good laugh with ourselves while not afraid of looking silly.


So what are you going to pack for your next trip? please show me your holiday pictures! I would love them see them. You can email me or attached your photos in the comments below!

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